A few years ago, several human rights organisations advocated against the repression of Christian minorities (mainly converts) in Iran through statements. These efforts hoped to raise awareness for the struggles of this minority group. However, despite these statements, conditions for this Christian minority groups have continued to worsen till today, Beyond these initial efforts, what are human rights organisations planning to do as a community of human rights defenders?


Within these past 12 months we’ve seen the Islamic Republic of Iran intensify it’s repression of Iranian Christians. They’ve arrested over 170 people, and sentencing many who have been already incarcerated to long prison sentences. What has caused Iranian authorities to target this minority group recently?


Condemnation of the violations of human rights of minority groups in Iran has long been a a part of the group of international human rights organisations. These organisation regularly publish work that documents these human rights violations. How have you evaluated the impact of this work on the behaviour of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s work?


The European Union (EU) is one of Iran’s closest [economic] partners. Meanwhile, the Eu maintains human rights as a cornerstone of its values. Can the EU leverage its relationship to pressure Iran to increase human rights conditions for minority groups?