Q & A with Amnesty International

1. Amnesty International refers to Iran’s human rights situation in 2018 as the “Year of Shame”, as 7,000 people were arrested. How do you compare Iran’s religious minorities’ situation in 2018 to the situation in 2017?

2. In 2018, the Iranian State again targeted the Christian community around Christmas time. As many as 100 Iranian Christians, most of them of Muslim origin, were arrested by the end of 2018. In your opinion, why did the Iranian State target Christians during their most important religious celebration?

3. Iran is one of the countries that signed the Universal Human Rights Declaration, which was adopted by the United Nations and which clearly guarantees freedom of religion for every citizen. What other instruments does the UN have at its disposal that authorize it to act on behalf of religious minorities in Iran?

4. Amnesty International initiated an “urgent action” appeal in the summer of 2018 regarding a few jailed Christians in Iran. It called on the Iranian regime to “quash the convictions and sentences of Victor Bet-Tamraz, Shamiram Isavi, Amin Afshar-Naderi, and Hadi Asgari, as they have been targeted solely for the peaceful exercise of their rights to freedoms of religion and belief, expression, and association, through their Christian faith”.  Evaluate the impact of such actions?[LexEditor1]

5. Iranian leaders, such as President Hassan Rouhani and Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, in their interviews with international media or their speeches in international organizations claim that religious minorities have all of the rights to which they are entitled. Journalists and moderators almost never challenge these claims despite all of the facts that contradict the claims. In other words, Iranian leaders use Western media and organizations to promote a false discourse. How can Amnesty International, in collaboration with other human rights organizations, challenge the currently uncontested propaganda issued by Islamic Republic officials?Q & A with Amnesty

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